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PS2: IMO 913 Test Facility

Mist suppression system testing against IMO 913Computer equipment for monitoring the testWater mist fireThe test rig and enclosure

Project Description
Develop and build a large-scale facility to undertake fire testing to the (International Maritime Organisation) IMO 913 test standard. The IMO 913 standard is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of fixed water based local application fire fighting systems on simulated diesel fuel spray fires. The facility consists of a large 10x10x6m high temperature fire resisting enclosure and a diesel jet for the production of both 1MW and 6MW fires. The facility is also monitored for temperature and oxygen levels and the diesel and water flows are strictly controlled. A series of tests are conducted to verify the design criteria for horizontal grids of nozzles. Criteria such as maximum spacing, applicable height ranges and flow rates for different nozzle types are evaluated.

Chiltern International Fire’s Involvement
Chiltern International Fire Ltd (CIF) were responsible for all technical content both designing and building the test rig and instrumenting the enclosure. The facility is based on the Taylor Woodrow (TW) site in Leighton Buzzard, and TW were responsible for construction of the enclosure frame as specified by CIF.

Since completion in 2004 the enclosure has been Lloyds approved as a test facility to perform IMO 913 tests. The enclosure can also be used to perform a variety of large-scale bespoke suppression system tests.

PDF: PS2: IMO 913 Test Facility

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